Band/Artist Bio
Orme, Le

One of Italy's first and finest progressive rock bands, featuring the talents of Aldo Tagliapietra, Michi Dei Rossi and Tony Pagliuca.


Another of Italy's legendary progressive groups, the band featured Danilo Rustici and Elio D'Anna.

Perigeo, Il

Hailing from Rome, Perigeo was one of Italy's finest fusion bands.

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)

Prematia Forneria Marconi, or roughly "Marconi's Award-Winning Bakery", the most successful of the Italian Prog bands.

Quella Vecchia Locanda

QVL's first album may be the finest example of "Italian Prog". Their name translates to "that old inn", a reference to where the group had their rehearsals.

Reverberi, Gian Piero

One of Italy's top record producers, Reverberi worked with The New Trolls, Le Orme and countless other Italian musicians.

Rovescio Della Madaglia, Il

RDM were pioneers in combining classical music with rock music. Their album "Contaminzione" also saw an English-language release in the US.

Rustici, Corrado

Italian guitarist was just 17 when he became a member of Cervello. By the mid 70s, with brother Danilo of Ossana fame, he started fusion band Nova. The 80s saw Rustici move to the USA for a prolific career as a session musician, and eventually a producer. His production work since that time includes some of Italy's finest musicians, such as Zucchero, Elisa, PFM and Negramaro. His solo works are top-flight fusion records, highlighting both his songwriting and considerable guitar technique.


Hailing from Rome, Semiramis included the Zarrillo brothers Maurizio and Michele (just teenagers), and got their start at the Villa Pamphili pop festival in 1972. They released one album before breaking up.

Sensations' Fix

Led by Franco Falsini, Sensations' Fix music had more in common with the krautrock of Germany than anything Italian!

Sorrenti, Alan

Welsh-Italian singer released a few Rock Progressivo Italiano albums before launching a successful pop career.

Trip, The

Originally called Maiocchi and the Trip, The Trip were an Anglo-Italian band based out of Italy. Early member included Ritchie Blackmore (later of Deep Purple fame). After their first album, later albums featured more ELP-inspired music, and the keyboards of Joe Vescovi.


Elio D'Anna and Danilo Rustici's post-Osanna band, recorded one eponymous album before forming Nova.

Venegoni & Co.

Led former Arti e Mestieri guitarist and composer Gigi Venegoni, Venegoni & Co. were another premier fusion band signed to the Cramps label.