Prog Rock

Sebastian Hardie

Australian progressive rock band that had some international notoriety.

Founded: 1973

Location: Sydney, Australia

Website: Sebastian Hardie

Secret Oyster

Burnin Red Ivanhoe, led by Karsten Vogel, was one of Denmark's finest rock groups. Secret Oyster enlisted guitarist Klaus Bohling and took a jazz-fusion direction.

Founded: 1972

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: karstenvogel.dk

Sensations' Fix

Led by Franco Falsini, Sensations' Fix music had more in common with the krautrock of Germany than anything Italian!

Founded: 1974

Location: Florence, Italy

Website: Facebook


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One of France's premier (yet obscure) symphonic bands.

Founded: 1974

Location: St Dalmas le Selvage, France

Website: Shylock

Sinfield, Peter

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Founding member of King Crimson, lyricist and hippie.

Founded: 1943

Location: Fulham, London, England

Website: Peter Sinfield's Song Soup on Sea


British-Australian supergroup featured the talents of Francis Monkman, Tristian Fry, Kevin Peek, Herbie Flowers, and classical guitarist John Williams.

Founded: 1978

Location: London, England

Website: Sky - Instrumental Band Of The 80s

Smith, Judge

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Christopher John Judge Smith, founding member of Van Der Graaf Generator, departed the band shortly after their first single, however remained close to the fold. His solo work is mainly large stage musicals.

Founded: 1948

Location: England

Website: Judge Smith

Socrates (Drank the Conium)

Greece's premiere rock band

Founded: 1969

Location: Athens, Greece

Website: Socrates Drank The Conium Myspace

Sound Of Contact

Reprising his father's roles with Genesis, Sound Of Contact is Simon Collins' new project with Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom and Matt Dorsey. After a cancelled US tour, their future seems tenuous at best.

Founded: 2012

Location: Miami, Florida

Website: Sound of Contact | New Band Project from Simon Collins

Sound of Contact World Tour 2013

Congrats to our friend Jonathan Schang of District 97, who writes:
"Some big news: I will be joining drummer/vocalist Simon Collins (son of legendary Genesis drummer/vocalist Phil Collins) as co-drummer/keyboardist on a world tour promoting the release of his new band Sound of Contact 's debut album, "Dimensionaut". Also in the band are guitarist John Wesley (Fish, Porcupine Tree), keyboardist Dave Kerzner and bassist Matt Dorsey. The first show of the tour will be opening for Marillion in Montreal on March 24th!"