Prog Rock

Wallenstein Live 1973

Recently unearthed live clip of Jürgen Dollase, Harald Großkopf and Bill Barone performing live for Radio Télévision Suisse in 1973. Top shelf progressive rock!

Walsh, Steve

The voice of Kansas.

Founded: 1951

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Website: Steve Walsh

Way, Darryl

Violinist and composer for Curved Air

Founded: 1948

Location: Somerset

Website: Darryl Way

Wetton, John

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As a bassist and vocalist, John Wetton's career took many progressive turns throughout the 70s, highlighting his hard-working journeyman spirit, winding up with the big success of Asia in the early 80s.

Founded: 1949

Location: Derby, England

Website: John Wetton's Official Website

What exactly is the cover image of the new book?

Exactly what you find inside the record guide! The vinyl record grooves on the book’s cover are from the Jethro Tull album Minstrel In The Gallery (Chrysalis CHR 1082). The image was taken on a Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope SM-300 by Steven D. Price.

"One thing that I absolutely loved was the cover concept. Thank God no dragons, elves or sky wizards or Roger Dean copycat artwork." -- Kepler62 from Progarchives.com



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Finland's world-class progressive rock band featured Englishman Jim Pembroke. Wigwam eventually signed to Virgin Records.

Founded: 1968

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Website: Wigwam - Nuclear Netclub

Wigwam Live at Liisankadun studio, Helsinki,1976

Nice clip of Finnish band Wigwam at Liisankadun studio recorded for Pop-Liisa, TV1 25.11.1976. Tracks are "Eddie And The Boys | Simple Human Kindness | Colossus | A Better Hold (And A Little View) | Grass For Blades". Presenter Vesa-Matti Loiri gives opening words, introduces the band in between the songs, and recites 'Syyslaulu' ('Tombstone Valentine' in Finnish)."



Post-Sebastian Hardie band

Founded: 1977

Location: Sydney, Australia

Wise After The Event 5.1 Mix

Anthony Phillips seminal 1978 record Wise After The Event is set to receive yet another remaster, this time from the good folks at Esoteric Recordings, but the great news is that the accompanying 4CD set will also feature a 5.1 surround sound mix in addition to the original stereo mix, a new stereo mix and a CD of outtakes, demos and extras.


Wolf, Darryl Way's

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Ex-Curved Air violinist's group project

Founded: 1973

Location: London, England

Website: Darryl Way