Prog Rock

Emerson, Keith

Undoubtedly the premier "prog rock" musician, Emerson's keyboard-playing set the mark for everyone to follow. His first band The Nice were one of the first prog bands.

Founded: 1944

Location: England

Website: Official Keith Emerson Website

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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Not a law firm, but Prog's first supergroup. Though often an easy target for Prog Rock's excesses, Emerson, Lake & Palmer stand as the premiere artists of the genre.

Founded: 1970

Location: London, England

Website: Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Powell

In 1985, Emerson & Lake teamed up for an ELP reunion. Palmer was unavailable due to commitments to Asia, so they searched for any available drummer whose last name began with the letter "p". Short-listed was former Jeff Beck & Rainbow drummer Cozy Powell.

Founded: 1985

Location: London, England


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Founded: 1975

Location: Maidestone, England

Website: Garden Shed Music

Enid, The

Founded: 1975

Location: London, England

Website: Welcome To The Enid


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aka Joachim Ehrig. Drummer of Grobschnitt and much later, remaster engineer for many Repertoire and SPV reissues.

Founded: 1951

Location: Weimar, Thüringen, Germany

Website: Erocs Mastering Ranch Eroc Grobschnitt Radio CAE

Esoteric set to reissue Patto catalog

Esoteric Recordings are set to reissue the entire Patto catalog, with a load of bonus material; SPOILER ALERT:


Esoteric to release unreleased 2nd Fields album

"Esoteric Recordings are pleased to issue the first ever release of the legendary 1972 “lost” second album self by Fields. Following the album’s release the band’s line-up changed with the departure of ALAN BARRY and the arrival of Frank Farrell from Supertramp. This line-up recorded a follow-up album in 1972 that was perplexingly shelved by CBS Records and remained consigned to the vaults for over forty years.



Originally called the Royal Servants in the 1960s, Eulenspygel's first album is curiously title "2."

Founded: 1971

Location: Reichenbach, Swabia, Germany

Falsini, Franco

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Franco Falsini is best known as the founder of Sensations' Fix, but in the 80s he fronted a few disco/new wave outfits, most notably Electra, and with his brother Riccardo, The Antennas.

Founded: 1948

Location: Florence, Italy