Name Foundedsort icon Country
Jethro Tull 1967 Led by Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull was the first group from the progressive era to score resounding chart success. Originally their music was based in rhythm and blues, but punctuated with Anderson's flute playing and... United Kingdom
Caravan 1967 Along with Soft Machine, one of the original British rock bands from Canterbury. United Kingdom
Genesis 1967 United Kingdom
Barclay James Harvest 1967 Musically, not far off the map from the Moody Blues, Barclay James Harvest led a very long and prolific career releasing mildly progressive music. United Kingdom
New Trolls 1967 Perhaps Italy's greatest prog band? Italy
Strawbs 1967 One of Britain's original folk-rock groups United Kingdom
Tangerine Dream 1967 From their "free-rock" beginnings in the Berlin underground to the eventual triple-keyboard standard that signed to Virgin Records, Tangerine Dream earns significant credit in introducing synthesizer/sequenced... Germany
Amon Düül 1967 The original "Wohngemeinschaft" from Munich, Amon Düül's mixture of politics and music were born straight out of the 60s. Musically, however, it's unessential listening. All releases were culled from recording sessions... Germany
Organisation 1967 Precursor to Kraftwerk, Organisation included Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider-Esleben, and Basil Hammoudi, later of Ibliss. Germany
Supersister 1967 One of Holland's finest groups, Supersister's original music had much in common with the earliest Soft Machine albums. Netherlands
Agitation Free 1967 One of Germany's first experimental rock groups, Agitation Free was a part of the scene in Berlin in the late 60s. Members included Michael Hoenig and Chris Franke, Axel Genrich, Lutz Ulbrich and many other notable... Germany
Blossom Toes 1967 British psychedelia band featured Brian Godding, Kevin Westlake, Brian Belshaw, and Jim Cregan. Poli Palmer was also a member. United Kingdom
Electric Banana, The 1967 By any other name, The Pretty Things. The Electric Banana was their alias when working on library music for Music De Wolfe. United Kingdom
Comus 1967 While the music is folk, the atmostphere couldn't be more weirder on this classic Dawn band's debut album. Death without the Metal? Prog before Prog? United Kingdom
Sam Gopal's Dream 1967 Named after the tabla player, Sam Gopal's Dream were regulars on London's underground, playing at the UFO, Middle Earth, etc. They later released one eponymous album which featured Ian "Lemmy" Willis on guitar and... United Kingdom
Deviants 1967 Led by Mick Farren, one of the original "underground" bands to come out of Ladbroke Grove. United Kingdom
Bakerloo 1967 Originally called the Bakerloo Blues Line, Dave "Clem" Clempson, Terry Poole and Keith Baker released one album of blues rock for Harvest. Also of note was their "Drivin' Bachwards", an earlier version of Bach's Bourree... United Kingdom
Ekseption 1967 The mother of all Dutch symphonic bands Netherlands
Dantalian's Chariot 1967 Zoot Money was best know for his R&B tinged music and Big Roll Band, but like most others in 1967, caught the psychedelic wave. With guitarist Andy Summers, bassist Pat Donaldson and drummer Colin Allen, they... United Kingdom
String Driven Thing 1967 Formed by Chris and Pauline Adams, this Glaswegian folk rock band found some traction in the early 70s on Charisma Records. It featured Graham Smith on violin, though later 70s lineups would be without the Adams. United Kingdom
Pentangle 1967 United Kingdom
Yes 1968 Nothing defines the good and back of Prog Rock other than Yes. From their striking early albums and genre-defining middle era, through to the chart-topping 80s best sellers, the band has -- in one form or another --... United Kingdom
Colosseum 1968 Led by Jon Hiseman, one of Britian's first jazz-rock bands. The core lineup came together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers #89, for the Bare Wires album. United Kingdom
Van Der Graaf Generator 1968 Led by the indefatigable Peter Hammill, perhaps the most original and significant group of the era; even "without the capes". Hammill is a complicated character, and so then is Van Der Graaf Generator: one moment placid... United Kingdom
King Crimson 1968 From their debut album and striking cover art, constantly shuffling lineup, groundbreaking music, never-say-die reformations, no band epitomizes the "British prog" ethos better than King Crimson. United Kingdom
Amon Düül II 1968 Led by Chris Karrer, the musical half of the Munich commune hippie band of the same name; a little to rough around the edges for prog standards, but most certainly not to be overlooked; Amon Düül II are Germany's finest... Germany
Aphrodite's Child 1968 Led by Demis Roussos, Aphrodite's Child found success throughout Europe with pop singles, eventually residing in Paris, France. Their legacy however is the posthumously released psychedelic masterpiece, 666, and its... Greece
Can 1968 Dubbed "the world's most original rock band" by the British music press, Can are simply without peer. Germany
Deep Purple 1968 Heavy rock, defined. United Kingdom
Earth and Fire 1968 Dutch group featuring the vocals of Jerney Kaagman. Netherlands
Jade Warrior 1968 One of the most original of the British progressives, Jade Warrior were one of the first bands to incorporate "world" elements into their unique sound. United Kingdom
Led Zeppelin 1968 It is impossible to underestimate the impact of the early Zeppelin recordings. United Kingdom
Henry Cow 1968 United Kingdom
Guru Guru 1968 If Cream or Jimi Hendrix invented the "power trio", Germany's Guru Guru defined it on acid, offering the purest psychedlic freakouts on their early albums. Later albums, ever under the direction of Mani Neumeier,... Germany
Birth Control 1968 Germany
Wigwam 1968 Finland's world-class progressive rock band featured Englishman Jim Pembroke. Wigwam eventually signed to Virgin Records. Finland
Wonderland 1968 Frank Dostal and Achim Reichel's post-Rattles band scored a series of singles in the late 60s, and produced one strange album as Wonderland Band. Germany
Uriel (Arzachel) 1968 Precursor to Egg, Uriel also included Steve Hillage on guitar. The band changed their name to Arzachel for their only album. United Kingdom
July 1968 Notable for members Tom Newman (producer), and John Field and Tony Duhig, both later in Jade Warrior. United Kingdom
Argent 1968 Rod Argent and Russ Ballard's 70s rock outfit. United Kingdom
Cressida 1968 Atypical Vertigo label signing, Cressida produced two proto-prog albums in the early 70s, the latter released posthumously. United Kingdom
Brainticket 1968 Extremely obscure psychedelic outfit out of Switzerland released the trippy sound-collage Cottonwoodhill album in 1971. Further albums were guided by keyboardist Joel Vandroogenbroeck, including two late in the decade. Switzerland
Gracious 1968 United Kingdom
Mainhorse 1968 Swiss-born Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori formed the band with vocalist David "Kubie" Kubinec (ex World Of Oz) and Bryson Graham, as Integral Aim, and later Mainhorse Airlines. Yugoslav Kubinec departed in 1970, the... Switzerland
White Noise 1968 Largely the project of American David Vorhaus, White Noise represents some of the first releases of electronic music aimed at a commercial audience. He was joined by members of the BBC's legendary Radiophonic Workshop... United Kingdom
Andromeda 1968 John Du Cann's band prior to his joining Atomic Rooster. Also of note are the one-off Five Day Week Straw People and The Attack. United Kingdom
Skin Alley 1968 As with other Clearwater Production groups, Skin Alley had their roots in the London underground and free festival scene. After recording two albums for CBS the band signed with Transatlantic, who licensed two albums to... United Kingdom
Omega 1968 The crown jewel of Hungary, Omega have sustained a stable lineup since 1971, recording several albums with Peter Hauke for the Bacillius label aimed towards international release. Hungary
Man 1968 Wales' favorite sons, Man rose to fame as a live act in the early 70s. As with any band on the United Artists label, the Manband are top shelf rock band. United Kingdom
Blodwyn Pig 1968 Mick Abraham's post Jethro Tull band, also featured hornster Jack Lancaster, Andy Pyle and Ron Berg. Both releases were highly successful, both musically and in the UK charts. United Kingdom