Namesort icon Founded Country
Hard Stuff 1971 John Du Cann and Paul Hammond's post-Atomic Rooster band, with John Gustafson, ex-Quatermass. United Kingdom
Happy The Man 1973 America's premiere progressive band was nearly Peter Gabriel's backing band! United States
Hansson, Bo 1943 Known for his musical interpretations of classic fiction works, Bo Hansson was an early virtuoso on the Hammond organ. Sweden
Hansson & Karlsson 1966 Organ/drum duo from Sweden, Hansson & Karlsson were early jazz-rock pioneers. Despite having Jimi Hendrix as fan and jam partner, recordings were near-impossible to find outside their native country. Hansson would... Sweden
Hammill, Peter 1948 Mr. Van Der Graaf Generator United Kingdom
Halsall, Ollie 1949 From Timebox to Patto to Boxer, via the Rutles and Tempest, and on to Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall was one of England's most original guitar players. United Kingdom
Hackett, Steve 1950 Hackett left Genesis two years after recording his debut solo album, for a relatively successful solo career. United Kingdom
Guru Guru 1968 If Cream or Jimi Hendrix invented the "power trio", Germany's Guru Guru defined it on acid, offering the purest psychedlic freakouts on their early albums. Later albums, ever under the direction of Mani Neumeier,... Germany
Gryphon 1971 United Kingdom
Group 1850 1964 One of Holland's famous sons, Groep 1850 regrouped in 1968 in Amsterdam, recording two fantastically original psychedelic records, before disbanding on a regular basis. Even more exciting for the progressive fan was... Netherlands
Groundhogs, The 1963 Named after John Lee Hooker's song, "Groundhog's Blues," The Groundhogs were founded by brothers John and Pete Cruickshank and guitarist Tony McPhee. Drummer Ken Pustelnik joined in 1965, and the by the end of the 60s,... United Kingdom
Großkopf, Harald 1949 Best known for his metronomic drumming with Klaus Schulze, Wallenstein, and Ashra, Harald Großkopf is also an accomplished synthesist and world musician. Germany
Grobschnitt 1970 Germany
Greenwood, Nicholas Bassist Nicholas Greenwood previously played in the Crazzy World of Arthur Brown in the late 60s, and later hooked up with Khan with Steve Hillage and Dave Stewart. He cut one solo LP for the Kingdom label in 1973, with... United Kingdom
Greenslade, Dave 1943 Son of arranger Arthur Greenslade, Dave first cut his teeth with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Chris Farlowe's Thunderbirds. United Kingdom
Greenslade 1972 United Kingdom
Gracious 1968 United Kingdom
Göttsching, Manuel 1952 One of the true pioneers of what would eventually be called techno, house, electronic etc. His work as a solo artist represents some of the most seminal works from the progressive era. Germany
Gotic 1975 Exemplary album of progressive rock from Spain. Spain
Gong 1969 Refused entry to the UK, former Soft Machiner Daevid Allen remained in France and started Gong. Their earliest recordings take a cue from Barrett-era Floyd, but the hypnotic Continental Circus is underrated. Always... France
Gods, The 1965 Formed by Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep, Brian and John Glascock (latter would join Jethro Tull) and Joe Konas, The Gods were the successors of The Rolling Stones at the Marquee Club in London in 1965. The band released two... United Kingdom
Godfrey, Robert John 1947 The leader of The Enid released one album for Charisma Records in 1974. United Kingdom
Goblin 1975 Quartet from Rome, Goblin are best known for their soundtracks to Dario Argento's horror classics. Italy
Gnidrolog 1969 Goldring brothers, Stewart and Colin, made the switch from acoustic folk to prog rock, recording two albums for RCA in the early 70s. Colin Goldring is best known for playing recorder on the song "Your Move" from the... United Kingdom
Gilmour, David 1946 "The Guitar and Voice of Pink Floyd", it's not surprising that Gilmour's solo career started with a whimper. United Kingdom
Gilgamesh 1973 United Kingdom
Giles, Giles & Fripp 1967 The precedent of King Crimson. United Kingdom
Gila 1969 Hailing from Stuttgart, Gila were a psychedelic band that featured the talents of guitarist Connie Veit. Germany
Gentle Giant 1970 One of prog rock's greatest bands, Gentle Giant combined the talents of the brothers' Shulman with Kerry Minnear and Gary Green. Their work during the 70s is as exemplary as any of the progressive era. Clever,... United Kingdom
Genrich, Ax 1945 Monster guitarist for Guru Guru. Also was founding member of Agitation Free. Germany
Genesis 1967 United Kingdom
Gabriel, Peter 1950 Founding member of Genesis, Peter Gabriel left after their epic Lamb Lies Down On Broadway album for a solo career. After being dropped by Atco, Mercury Records released his ground-breaking third album in 1980, and... United Kingdom
Führs & Fröhling 1977 Gerd Führs and Heinz Fröhling post-SFF work. Germany
Fruupp 1971 These Irish sons hailed from Belfast but found success with the Dawn label, a subsidiary of Pye Records. Ireland
Frumpy 1970 Hamburg's finest, Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz, Carsten Bohn, and Karl-Heinz Schott, blazed as Frumpy before morphing into Atlantis. Germany
Froese, Edgar 1944 Edgar Froese, guitarist and founder of Tangerine Dream. Germany
Frith, Fred 1949 Former Henry Cow founder Fred Frith has pushed the boundaries of what is considered "guitar-playing". His early solo albums include work with members of Aksaq Maboul, Zamla, Etron Fou LeLoublan and Massacre. United Kingdom
Fripp, Robert 1946 Robert Fripp's work with King Crimson, Brian Eno, David Bowie earned him a reputation as one of England's original guitarists, and one of prog rock's cornerstones. United Kingdom
Fripp & Eno 1973 Not ever a band per se, but rather a project, with Revox. United Kingdom
Fotheringay 1970 Sandy Denny's post-Fairport group, with future husband Trevor Lucas. United Kingdom
Focus 1969 Premiere Dutch band hit the big time in both the UK and US, due to the talents of guitarist Jan Akkerman and flautist Thys Van Leer, and one silly hit record, "Hocus Pocus" by Focus! Netherlands
FM 1976 Canadian progressive rock band featured Cameron Hawkins, Nash The Slash, and later Ben Mink. Canada
Flash 1972 Peter Banks post-Yes band, had some degree of success in the United States. Featured Colin Carter on vocals and Ray Bennett on bass guitar. United Kingdom
Finch 1974 Flash rock, Dutch style Netherlands
Fields 1971 Graham Field fronted this band after he left Rare Bird, with ex-King Crimson Andy McCulloch holding the drum stool. Second album was recorded but left in the vaults. United Kingdom
Faust 1970 German for "fist", Faust were pioneers in the studio. After two albums for Polydor, they signed with the fledgling Virgin label. Priced as a single, The Faust Tapes album sold a staggering 50,000 + copies - amazing... Germany
Farren, Mick 1943 Musician, author, journalist but most of all agent provocateur of London's Underground United Kingdom
Far East Family Band 1972 The definitive Japanese space rock band, originally called "Far Out". Klaus Schulze mixed the well known Nipponjin album, a re-recording of previous material, and the excellent Parallel World, the later at Virgin's... Japan
Family 1967 Musically somewhat akin to Traffic and trademarked by the growl of Roger Chapman, Family was one of the most original and rewarding bands of the era. They avoided almost every cliche of the genre while remaining one of... United Kingdom
Falsini, Franco 1948 Franco Falsini is best known as the founder of Sensations' Fix, but in the 80s he fronted a few disco/new wave outfits, most notably Electra, and with his brother Riccardo, The Antennas. Italy