Namesort icon Founded Country
Illusion 1976 Mark I Renaissance reformed in the mid-70s for a couple of albums. United Kingdom
Incredible String Band, The 1966 Fronted by Mike Heron and Robin Williamson, The Incredible String Band were one of the earliest folk bands to incorporate psychedelic music into their sound. Massively influential, the band were a major live attraction. United Kingdom
Inner City Unit 1979 "Punkadelic acid rockers"? Musically defying all description, Inner City Unit remains one of the most unique offshots to the Hawkwind family tree. Founded by Hawkwind's Nik Turner, ICU combined the talents of Dead Fred... United Kingdom
Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Tropical Version Brazil) 1993 Brazilian version, led by guitarist Fabio Golfetti, with Renato Mello on keyboards and Claudio Souza on drums. See Violeta De Outno Brasil
Island 1977 British-influenced prog rock band from Switzerland released one fantastic album, produced by Claudio Fabi. Switzerland
Isotope 1972 Gary Boyle's jazz-rock fusion band. United Kingdom
Jack Lancaster And Robin Lumley 1976 A precursor to Brand X United Kingdom
Jackson Heights 1970 Lee Jackson's post-Nice, pre-Refugee band. United Kingdom
Jade Warrior 1968 One of the most original of the British progressives, Jade Warrior were one of the first bands to incorporate "world" elements into their unique sound. United Kingdom
Jane 1970 One of Germany's most idiosyncratic rock bands, the slow burn rock of Jane remained a constant through most of their career. Germany
Jarre, Jean Michel 1948 French synthesist, popular France
Jethro Tull 1967 Led by Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull was the first group from the progressive era to score resounding chart success. Originally their music was based in rhythm and blues, but punctuated with Anderson's flute playing and... United Kingdom
Jobson, Eddie 1955 Violinist and journeyman, Eddie Jobson has one of the longer resumes in prog rock. United Kingdom
Jon & Vangelis 1979 Along with a US Top 50, the single "I Hear You Now" rose to the UK Top 10, propelling Jon & Vangelis' first album to a UK No 4. The duo - balancing successful solo careers simultaneously - would continue their... United Kingdom
July 1968 Notable for members Tom Newman (producer), and John Field and Tony Duhig, both later in Jade Warrior. United Kingdom
Kaipa 1973 Named after a Swedish stone age chieftain, Kaipa were founded by keyboardist Hans Lundsun and bassit Tomas Eriksson in 1973. Guitarist Roine Stolt, though only a teenager at the time, was an original member. Sweden
Kansas 1972 Kansas' legacy is undoubtedly as America's greatest progressive rock band, and their oeuvre would become the blueprint for a new breed of prog-metal bands that emerged in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. United States
Kayak 1972 Netherlands
Khan 1971 Steve Hillage's first group following his completion of studies at Canterbury. Second incarnation with Dave Stewart never recorded (he guested on their only record). United Kingdom
Kin Ping Meh 1969 Hailing from Mannheim, heavy progressives Kin Ping Meh first few albums were produced by Achim Reichel for his Zebra Records. Germany
King Crimson 1968 From their debut album and striking cover art, constantly shuffling lineup, groundbreaking music, never-say-die reformations, no band epitomizes the "British prog" ethos better than King Crimson. United Kingdom
Kingdom Come 1971 Arthur Brown's post-Crazy World band. Third album made early use of drum machines. United Kingdom
Kluster 1969 As Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, were pioneers of sound from a slightly older generation, using traditional instruments in the most untraditional ways to craft their art. They founded the Zodiac... Germany
Koobas 1962 Originally called The Kubas, the band had its same roots in Liverpool. They spent time in Germany, and toured with The Beatles in the UK. Despite high profile appearances (The Who, Jimi Hendrix), their singles never... United Kingdom
Kornelyans 1971 Kornelyans, aka Korni Gruppa, a singles band from Yugoslavia, was led by its namesake, Kornell Kovach (Kornelije Kovač). In 1974 they recorded and released an excellent album of prog rock for the Italian Ricordi label. Yugoslavia
Kraan 1970 Happiest band from Germany. When will the "jam band" audience find them? Germany
Kraftwerk 1970 From early free-form improvisation to the perfection of electro-pop, Kraftwerk reign as one of the most musically influential groups from the 70s. However, the Ralf & Florian and Autobahn era should appeal to most... Germany
Kravetz, Jean-Jacques 1947 Keyboard player for Frumpy, Atlantis, Randy Pie and more. France
Kristina, Sonja 1949 Sonja Kristina got her start singing in the musical Hair before joining Curved Air. She was also married to Stewart Copeland of the Police. United Kingdom
La Düsseldorf 1975 Brothers Klaus und Thomas Dinger, along with Hans Lampe founded La Düsseldorf following the dissolution of Neu!. There records were highly successful in their native Germany, reputedly selling over a million copies. Germany
Lake, Greg 1947 Singer and bassist for King Crimson MK 1, and then on to prog supergroup Emerson Lake & Palmer. Incredibly sappy solo albums defy description. United Kingdom
Lard Free 1970 Founded by drummer Gilbert Artman, Lard Free was similar to Richard Pinhas' Heldon; French, unconventional, experimental, but, incredulously, a rock band. Later albums would draw parallels to the cosmic side of the... France
Latte E Miele 1971 Classically-inspired prog trio from Genoa. Italy
Leb i Sol 1976 Featuring the guitar work of Vlatko Stefanowski, the Macedonian based Leb i Sol ("bread and salt") were one of Yugoslavia's best known fusion groups. Yugoslavia
Led Zeppelin 1968 It is impossible to underestimate the impact of the early Zeppelin recordings. United Kingdom
Lees, John 1947 Founding member of Barclay James Harvest, Lees' lone solo album was recorded in 1972. United Kingdom
Libra 1973 Libra's beginnings were typical enough; their debut album was recorded by Claudio Fabi, in both English and Italian. But after a tour supporting Banco, they packed up and moved to Detriot, Michigan and signed with... Italy
Liliental 1977 One of the many amazing albums recorded by Conny Plank during the 1970s. This one included members of Kraan, Harmonia and a young Asmus Tietchens. Germany
Livgren, Kerry 1949 The songwriter of Kansas, and member of Proto-Kaw United States
Locanda Delle Fate 1976 Latter-day symphonic band from Asti, Locanda Delle Fate ("The Fairy Inn") released one highly-regarded album. Italy
Long Hello, The 1973 Van Der Graaf Generator, sans Peter Hammill United Kingdom
Lucifer's Friend 1970 Ostensibly a studio group, Lucifer's Friend debut album is a standard of heavy rock for the 70s, while their second effort is there most progressive. Later albums drifted towards hard rock. Germany
Mabel Greer's Toyshop 1966 A precursor to Yes (and post-Syn), the band was revived in 2014 by originals Clive Bayley and Robert Hagger, with Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood. Both songs "Beyond And Before" and "Sweetness" appeared on the first Yes... United Kingdom
Mackay, Andy 1946 Andy Mackay's place in history is as the sax player for Roxy Music. United Kingdom
Magma 1969 Perhaps most idiosyncratic of all progressives, Christian Vander's Magma documented the other-worldly parables of the planet Kobaia. The early side project Univeria Zekt album The Unamables is great introduction, but... France
Mahavishnu Orchestra 1971 Founded by guitarist John McLaughlin after his stint with Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu were perhaps the most successful fusion band, both artistically and commercially. United States
Mainhorse 1968 Swiss-born Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori formed the band with vocalist David "Kubie" Kubinec (ex World Of Oz) and Bryson Graham, as Integral Aim, and later Mainhorse Airlines. Yugoslav Kubinec departed in 1970, the... Switzerland
Malherbe, Didier 1942 Aka Bloom-Dido Bad-de-Grass, Didier Malherbe's post-Gong work included the vastly underrated fusion outfit Bloom, before continuing into the 80s on a world-fusion path, which included work with Zao's François "Faton"... France
Man 1968 Wales' favorite sons, Man rose to fame as a live act in the early 70s. As with any band on the United Artists label, the Manband are top shelf rock band. United Kingdom
Manfred Mann's Chapter Three 1969 Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg's jazz rock outfit pre-dated the Earth Band. United Kingdom