Name Foundedsort icon Country
Kornelyans 1971 Kornelyans, aka Korni Gruppa, a singles band from Yugoslavia, was led by its namesake, Kornell Kovach (Kornelije Kovač). In 1974 they recorded and released an excellent album of prog rock for the Italian Ricordi label. Yugoslavia
Ikarus 1971 Hamburg band led by Jochen Petersen released one album of superb progressive rock. Germany
Ibliss 1971 Former Organisation member Basil Hammoudi and one-time Kraftwerk drummer Andreas Hohmann formed this group, who under the tutelage of Conny Plank, released one album before calling it quits. Germany
Fruupp 1971 These Irish sons hailed from Belfast but found success with the Dawn label, a subsidiary of Pye Records. Ireland
Eulenspygel 1971 Originally called the Royal Servants in the 1960s, Eulenspygel's first album is curiously title "2." Germany
Wild Turkey 1971 Formed by Eyes Of Blue's Gary Pickford-Hopkins, Jethro Tull's Glenn Cornick, and a pre-Man Tweke Lewis, their earliest lineup included John Weathers but was replaced by a post-Man Jeff Jones. They recorded two albums... United Kingdom
Midnight Sun 1971 Originally known as Rainbow Band, Midnight Sun were a Danish supergroup of sorts. Denmark
Flash 1972 Peter Banks post-Yes band, had some degree of success in the United States. Featured Colin Carter on vocals and Ray Bennett on bass guitar. United Kingdom
Greenslade 1972 United Kingdom
Tempest 1972 Jon Hiseman's post-Colosseum rock band featured Allan Holdsworth and then Ollie Halsall on guitar. United Kingdom
Area 1972 Self proclaimed "International POPular Group", Area were Italy's finest fusion band, featuring the unique vocals talents of Demetrio Stratos. Italy
Hatfield And The North 1972 United Kingdom
Kansas 1972 Kansas' legacy is undoubtedly as America's greatest progressive rock band, and their oeuvre would become the blueprint for a new breed of prog-metal bands that emerged in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. United States
Far East Family Band 1972 The definitive Japanese space rock band, originally called "Far Out". Klaus Schulze mixed the well known Nipponjin album, a re-recording of previous material, and the excellent Parallel World, the later at Virgin's... Japan
Zao 1972 Offshoot from Magma, Francois Cahen and Yochk'o Seffer offer world-class (albeit more traditional) jazz rock. France
Cervello 1972 Corrado Rustici's first band, brother of Danilo Rustici of Osanna. Italy
Pulsar 1972 Hailing from Lyon, Pulsar were one of the first French bands to receive a recording contract from an English record label (Terry King's Kingdom Records). Dark, atmospheric, their first three albums are somewhat of minor... France
Secret Oyster 1972 Burnin Red Ivanhoe, led by Karsten Vogel, was one of Denmark's finest rock groups. Secret Oyster enlisted guitarist Klaus Bohling and took a jazz-fusion direction. Denmark
Residents, The 1972 Though the members of The Residents were perpetually draped in obscurity, their music rose steadily to the forefront of avant-rock in their native America. Found-sounds, tape cut-ups, occasional musical passages (!),... United States
Museo Rosenbach 1972 Another band from the province of Liguria, Museo Rosenbach released one exemplary album of Italian prog before disbanding. Italy
Biglietto per l'Inferno 1972 Another classic of Italian Prog, Biglietto per L'Inferno (Ticket to Hell) recorded two albums, however only the first was released. Giuseppe Banfi would later record as Baffo Banfi for Klaus Schulze's IC label. Italy
Quella Vecchia Locanda 1972 QVL's first album may be the finest example of "Italian Prog". Their name translates to "that old inn", a reference to where the group had their rehearsals. Italy
Randy Pie 1972 Formed by ex-Rattles members, Randy Pie skirted the progressive with easy going jazz-funk, typical of the mid-70s. Germany
Kayak 1972 Netherlands
Isotope 1972 Gary Boyle's jazz-rock fusion band. United Kingdom
Anyone's Daughter 1972 Progressive rock band founded in 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany by Uwe Karpa und Matthias Ulmer. Germany
Fripp & Eno 1973 Not ever a band per se, but rather a project, with Revox. United Kingdom
Wolf, Darryl Way's 1973 Ex-Curved Air violinist's group project United Kingdom
Heldon 1973 Premiere french underground band, founded by Richard Pinhas France
Long Hello, The 1973 Van Der Graaf Generator, sans Peter Hammill United Kingdom
Clearlight 1973 Project led by French keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux France
Sebastian Hardie 1973 Australian progressive rock band that had some international notoriety. Australia
Utopia 1973 In its first incarnation, Todd Rundgren's take on progressive rock United States
Happy The Man 1973 America's premiere progressive band was nearly Peter Gabriel's backing band! United States
Streetwalkers 1973 Roger Chapman and John "Charlie" Whitney's post-Family venture United Kingdom
Cherry Five 1973 The precursor to Goblin, Cherry Five spent time in London prior to recording their first and only album. Italy
Gilgamesh 1973 United Kingdom
New Trolls Atomic System 1973 Off-shoot of the New Trolls. Italy
Mona Lisa 1973 French symphonic band hailing from Orleans. France
Alphataurus 1973 Relatively unknown Italian band released one eponymous album of excellent quality before dissolving. Second release is incomplete (no vocals). Italy
Maxophone 1973 Milan-based band had their eponymous album also released in the USA, with English lyrics. Italy
Kaipa 1973 Named after a Swedish stone age chieftain, Kaipa were founded by keyboardist Hans Lundsun and bassit Tomas Eriksson in 1973. Guitarist Roine Stolt, though only a teenager at the time, was an original member. Sweden
Mezquita 1973 Spanish progressive rock band from the end of the 70's. Spain
Refugee 1973 Prog trio featuring ex-Nice members and Patrick Moraz United Kingdom
Libra 1973 Libra's beginnings were typical enough; their debut album was recorded by Claudio Fabi, in both English and Italian. But after a tour supporting Banco, they packed up and moved to Detriot, Michigan and signed with... Italy
Electrophon 1973 Named after Brian Hodgson's electronic music studio of the same name (in London's Covent Garden), Electrophon also featured Australian Dudley Simpson. United Kingdom
Harmonia 1973 A collaboration between Michael Rother of Neu!, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Harmonia released two albums for the Brain label, and a third collaboration with Brian Eno (a precursor to... Germany
Neutrons, The 1973 Side project of Man, featuring Will Youatt and Phil Ryan, as well as Stuart Gordon and John Weathers. United Kingdom
Hudson Ford 1973 Former Strawbs members had a string of hits in the mid 70s, before emigrating to Canada. United Kingdom
Trace 1974 Rick Van Der Linden's ex-Ekseption group. Netherlands