Namesort icon Founded Country
Tomorrow 1966 In the beginning there was psychedelia - inspired by the liberation of drug culture, supported by the new "Underground" and musically, and bringing novel invention to music. Tomorrow were one of London's darlings during... United Kingdom
Tolonen, Jukka 1952 Finnish guitarist and founder of Tasavallan Presidentti Finland
Tempest 1972 Jon Hiseman's post-Colosseum rock band featured Allan Holdsworth and then Ollie Halsall on guitar. United Kingdom
Tasavallan Presidentti 1969 Founded by guitarist Jukka Tolonen and drummer Vesa Aaltonen, and Frank Robson and Mans Groundstroem from Blues Section in 1969, their early albums bear some Colosseum, Traffic or Jethro Tull due to the strong English... Finland
Tangerine Dream 1967 From their "free-rock" beginnings in the Berlin underground to the eventual triple-keyboard standard that signed to Virgin Records, Tangerine Dream earns significant credit in introducing synthesizer/sequenced... Germany
Tangent, The 2003 Formed by ex-Parallel or 90 Degrees men Andy Tillison and Guy Manning, The Tangent has featured many lineups, mostly with members of the Swedish bands Flower Kings and Beardfish. United Kingdom
T.2. 1970 Prog trio featuring guitarist Keith Cross, bassist Bernard Jinks and drummer Peter Dunton released one much hearlded album for Deram in 1970, but broke up due to internal strife. Members were previously in Bulldog Breed... United Kingdom
Synergy 1951 Larry Fast, one of the pioneers of electronic music and technology, released an exemplary series albums for the Passport label in the mid to late 70s. In addition to production for artists on the label, he has also... United States
Syn, The 1965 With Pete Banks, Chris Squire as a core, The Syn were the pre-cursor to Maybel Greer's Toyshop (and Yes), releasing a handful of singles in the late 60s. The latter-day reformation was primarily a vanity project for... United Kingdom
Supertramp 1969 Founded in 1969 by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, Supertramp were the benefactor of a Dutch millionaire, Stanley August Miesegaes, who bankrolled their initial lineup. After two unsuccessful albums, the band changed... United Kingdom
Supersister 1967 One of Holland's finest groups, Supersister's original music had much in common with the earliest Soft Machine albums. Netherlands
Sun Treader Named after a Carl Ruggles work, Sun Treader featured Peter Robinson on keyboards and Morris Pert on drums. United Kingdom
Summers, Andy & Robert Fripp 1981 Bournemouth natives Andy Summers of the Police and Robert Fripp of King Crimson collaborated on a pair of albums for A&M Records in the early 80s. United Kingdom
Streetwalkers 1973 Roger Chapman and John "Charlie" Whitney's post-Family venture United Kingdom
Strawbs 1967 One of Britain's original folk-rock groups United Kingdom
Stomu Yamashta's Go 1975 Daring to combine progressive, fusion and electronic sounds, this supergroup fronted by Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamashta included such luminiaries as Steve Winwood, Klaus Schulze and Al DiMeola. Japan
Steeleye Span 1969 Led by Maddy Prior and Tim Hart, one of Britian's finest folk-rock bands. United Kingdom
Starcastle 1974 Hailing from Champaign-Urbana in Illinois, Starcastle burst on to the radar with their brand of prog; very much Yes-like. United States
Stackridge 1969 Originally called "Lemon Stackridge", this Bristol based band recorded several albums during the 70s, including the George Martin produced Man With The Bowler Hat. United Kingdom
Squire, Chris 1948 Bassist for Yes recorded one excellent solo album. United Kingdom
Spring 1969 Spring was best known for their eponymous album's mighty Mellotron sound, and their members post-Spring careers. United Kingdom
Spektakel 1969 Detlef Wiedecke (guitar), Eduard Schicke (drums), and Werner Protzner (bass), were all members of Oldenburg`s underground rock scene. Germany
Space Ritual 2002 Nik Turner-led band that includes Terry Ollis, Mick Slattery, Dave Anderson, Thomas Crimble and other Hawkwind stalwarts and all. United Kingdom
Sound Of Contact 2012 Reprising his father's roles with Genesis, Sound Of Contact is Simon Collins' new project with Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom and Matt Dorsey. After a cancelled US tour, their future seems tenuous at best. United States
Soft Machine, The 1966 One of two Canterbury bands formed from the Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine's earliest days were in the psychedelia of London's underground of the late 60s. By Third however the band matured into one of Britain's finest... United Kingdom
Socrates (Drank the Conium) 1969 Greece's premiere rock band Greece
Snowball 1977 Combining the talents of Roye Albrighton of Nektar, Curt Cress and Kristian Schultze of Passport, and Dave King of Embryo, Snowball were a supergroup of sorts, straddling jazz/fusion realms. Latter albums did not... Germany
Smith, Judge 1948 Christopher John Judge Smith, founding member of Van Der Graaf Generator, departed the band shortly after their first single, however remained close to the fold. His solo work is mainly large stage musicals. United Kingdom
Sky 1978 British-Australian supergroup featured the talents of Francis Monkman, Tristian Fry, Kevin Peek, Herbie Flowers, and classical guitarist John Williams. United Kingdom
Skin Alley 1968 As with other Clearwater Production groups, Skin Alley had their roots in the London underground and free festival scene. After recording two albums for CBS the band signed with Transatlantic, who licensed two albums to... United Kingdom
Sinfield, Peter 1943 Founding member of King Crimson, lyricist and hippie. United Kingdom
Shylock 1974 One of France's premier (yet obscure) symphonic bands. France
Sensations' Fix 1974 Led by Franco Falsini, Sensations' Fix music had more in common with the krautrock of Germany than anything Italian! Italy
Semiramis 1970 Hailing from Rome, Semiramis included the Zarrillo brothers Maurizio and Michele (just teenagers), and got their start at the Villa Pamphili pop festival in 1972. They released one album before breaking up. Italy
Secret Oyster 1972 Burnin Red Ivanhoe, led by Karsten Vogel, was one of Denmark's finest rock groups. Secret Oyster enlisted guitarist Klaus Bohling and took a jazz-fusion direction. Denmark
Sebastian Hardie 1973 Australian progressive rock band that had some international notoriety. Australia
Sea Level 1976 Ex-members of the Allman Brothers' fusion outfit, named after keyboardist Chuck Leavell. United States
Schulze, Klaus 1947 A once member of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Couriers, and Richard Wahnfried, Klaus Schulze is one of the world's premiere and prolific electronic musicians. Germany
Schnitzler, Conrad 1937 Along with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Conrad Schnitzler was a founder of the Zodiak Free Arts Club, the birthplace of the so-called "Berlin School" of electronic music, and perhaps krautrock in general. In 1969, with Edgar... Germany
Schmid, Wolfgang 1948 Bassist best known for his work with Klaus Doldinger's Passport, and Head, Heart & Hands. Germany
Schickert, Günter 1949 Along with Manuel Gottsching and Achim Reichel, Günter Schickert is a pioneer of "echo" guitar. Though a prolific musician, he has released just a few albums, thus lending to his relative obscurity. Germany
Schicke Führs & Fröhling 1974 Germany
SBB 1971 Led by Józef Skrzek, SBB were first known as Silesian Blues Band, and later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj (Polish for "Search, Break up, Build"). SBB were Poland's progressive rock band. Poland
Samurai 1971 Led by Dave Lawson, the reminants of Web were rechristened for one eponymous album, a classic of the era. United Kingdom
Samla Mammas Manna 1969 Zappa-influenced band from Sweden were leading component of the Rock In Opposition movement. Samla's albums were a mix of fusion, musicianship and humor. Sweden
Sam Gopal's Dream 1967 Named after the tabla player, Sam Gopal's Dream were regulars on London's underground, playing at the UFO, Middle Earth, etc. They later released one eponymous album which featured Ian "Lemmy" Willis on guitar and... United Kingdom
Rutherford, Mike 1950 Founding member of Genesis released two solo albums in the early 80s, before venturing off the progressive map with the hugely successful Mike + The Mechanics side project. United Kingdom
Rustici, Corrado 1957 Italian guitarist was just 17 when he became a member of Cervello. By the mid 70s, with brother Danilo of Ossana fame, he started fusion band Nova. The 80s saw Rustici move to the USA for a prolific career as a session... Italy
Rustic Hinge 1969 After Brown left to form Kingdom Come, the rest of the Crazy World continued on as Rustic Hinge, before morphing into High Tide. Their lone recording was released some twenty years later. United Kingdom
Rush 1969 Canada's finest sons. From their early days copping Led Zep riffs, through the kimono "prog" era, and onto mainstream acceptance and platinum success in the 80s, Rush has defied all odds, remaining true to their spirit... Canada