Name Foundedsort icon Country
Atoll French symphonic band, well-regarded albums. France
Pink Fairies, The Combining the talents of former Deviants Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson and Russell Hunter, with John "Twink" Alder (ex Pretty Things, Tomorrow), the Pink Fairies were an underground band from London's Ladbroke Grove... United Kingdom
Greenwood, Nicholas Bassist Nicholas Greenwood previously played in the Crazzy World of Arthur Brown in the late 60s, and later hooked up with Khan with Steve Hillage and Dave Stewart. He cut one solo LP for the Kingdom label in 1973, with... United Kingdom
Sun Treader Named after a Carl Ruggles work, Sun Treader featured Peter Robinson on keyboards and Morris Pert on drums. United Kingdom
Bocquet, Roland Keyboard player from Catharsis did soundtrack work in the 80s and beyond France
Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers 1933 Led by John Mayall, the Bluesbreakers were a virtual who's-who of the British blues and jazz scene. The band that recorded 1968's Bare Wires eventually morphed into Colosseum. United Kingdom
Heckstall-Smith, Dick 1934 One of England's early jazz-rock luminaries, Dick Heckstall-Smith work included Blues Incorporated, Graham Bond Organisation, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Colosseum. Phew! United Kingdom
Roedelius, Hans Joachim 1934 Born in 1934, Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a founding father of modern German music. Germany
Bedford, David 1937 Classical music composer best known for his work with Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield. United Kingdom
Reverberi, Gian Piero 1937 One of Italy's top record producers, Reverberi worked with The New Trolls, Le Orme and countless other Italian musicians. Italy
Schnitzler, Conrad 1937 Along with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Conrad Schnitzler was a founder of the Zodiak Free Arts Club, the birthplace of the so-called "Berlin School" of electronic music, and perhaps krautrock in general. In 1969, with Edgar... Germany
Bond, Graham 1937 One of London's earliest organists, Graham Bond was an innovator of British R&B. United Kingdom
Allen, Daevid 1938 aka Dingo Virgin, El Alien, Bert Camembert, Zero, etc... Daevid Allen is one of the most longstanding, colorful and prolific artists of the progressive era. Leaving his native Australia in the early 1960s, Allen had... Australia
Auger, Brian & The Trinity 1939 One of London's original rock organists, Brian Auger's early career included work with Steampacket and Julie Driscoll. United Kingdom
Niemen, Czesław 1939 Perhaps the most important singer in Poland's rock history, Czesław Niemen released three English language albums of world-class progressive rock in the early 70s, most featuring SBB as backing group. Poland
Zappa, Frank 1940 The one, the only. United States
Turner, Nik 1940 Flute and sax player for Hawkwind, Nik Turner led the Inner City Unit in the early 80s, Los Angeles-based Sphynx in the early to mid 90s, and Space Ritual in the 00s, and various side projects too numerous to list. United Kingdom
Harper, Roy 1941 Though best known for his collaborations with Jimmy Page and Pink Floyd, Roy Harper is one of the pillars of Folk Britannia. A prolific and influential musician, his music should not be missed. United Kingdom
Brock, Dave 1941 Captian of the good ship Hawkwind. United Kingdom
Brown, Arthur 1942 Arthur Brown is best known for his 1967 world-wide number one single, "Fire" and its classic soundbite, "I am the god of hellfire". Having spent 1966 in Paris perfecting his stage craft, he returned to London to... United Kingdom
Malherbe, Didier 1942 Aka Bloom-Dido Bad-de-Grass, Didier Malherbe's post-Gong work included the vastly underrated fusion outfit Bloom, before continuing into the 80s on a world-fusion path, which included work with Zao's François "Faton"... France
Vian, Patrick 1942 Former member of Red Noise, Patrick Vian released an eponymous album of electronic music in 1976. France
Cid, José 1942 Born José Albano Cid de Ferreira Tavares, Cid was a member of the Portugese band Quarteto 111, but best known in progressive circles for creating the symphonic masterpiece, 10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte. Later... Portugal
Money, Zoot 1942 Since the early 60s, George Bruno "Zoot" Money has been a fixture on the British music scene, as a bandleader (The Big Roll Band, Dantalian's Chariot), a musician (New Animals, Ellis, Grimms) and an actor. United Kingdom
Hansson, Bo 1943 Known for his musical interpretations of classic fiction works, Bo Hansson was an early virtuoso on the Hammond organ. Sweden
Sinfield, Peter 1943 Founding member of King Crimson, lyricist and hippie. United Kingdom
Vangelis 1943 Greek multi-instrumentalist Vangelis Papathanassiou was a child prodigy, eventually studying music in Athens. He spent his early career with in the beat band Formix, later forming Aphrodite's Child in 1968. By early 70s... Greece
Greenslade, Dave 1943 Son of arranger Arthur Greenslade, Dave first cut his teeth with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Chris Farlowe's Thunderbirds. United Kingdom
Farren, Mick 1943 Musician, author, journalist but most of all agent provocateur of London's Underground United Kingdom
Abrahams, Mick 1943 Ex- Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig guitarist. United Kingdom
Wright, Rick 1943 Keyboard player and legend for Pink Floyd. Formed Zee in the early 80s with vocalist Dave Harris from the new wave group Fashion. United Kingdom
Bruce, Jack 1943 One of the original English progressive artists, Jack Bruce's voice and bass came to prominence as a member of Cream. United Kingdom
Anderson, Jon 1944 Following his departure from Yes in 1979, Jon Anderson enjoyed a degree of success in the UK with a string of solo releases and a good touring band, "The New Life Orchestra". His concurrent work with Greek keyboardist... United Kingdom
Ayers, Kevin 1944 The Original Mr. Cool. An original on the Canterbury Scene, Kevin Ayers spent the 60s with Wilde Flowers and Soft Machine before retiring to the comforts of Deià, Mallorca. Coaxed away by Peter Jenner, Ayers recorded a... United Kingdom
Reichel, Achim 1944 One of Germany's most legendary musicians, Achim Reichel's career started in 1960 with The Rattles, one of the countries first beat-era bands. The 70s saw him delve into the progressive music scene, first as A.R. &... Germany
Décamps, Francis 1944 Two-fingered keyboardist from Ange France
Emerson, Keith 1944 Undoubtedly the premier "prog rock" musician, Emerson's keyboard-playing set the mark for everyone to follow. His first band The Nice were one of the first prog bands. United Kingdom
Froese, Edgar 1944 Edgar Froese, guitarist and founder of Tangerine Dream. Germany
Twink 1944 John Charles Alder, better known as Twink, played in a host of classic British psychedelia bands, including In-Crowd/Tomorrow, The Pretty Things/Electric Banana, Pink Fairies, and ever so short lived Stars, with Syd... United Kingdom
Mason, Nick 1944 Founding member of Pink Floyd United Kingdom
Moebius, Dieter 1944 A student of Joseph Bueys, Dieter Moebius arrived in Berlin just as the Zodiac Free Arts Lab was taking off, joining Kluster and later Cluster, a long-standing relationship he would share with Hans-Joachim Roedelius.... Germany
Battiato, Franco 1945 One of the few "solo" artists from Italy, Sicilian Battiato has a long career, featuring his original and idiosyncratic music. His first two albums should appeal most to progressive music fans, however Sulle Corde di... Italy
Wyatt, Robert 1945 Both biped and wheelchair-bound, the one and only. United Kingdom
Genrich, Ax 1945 Monster guitarist for Guru Guru. Also was founding member of Agitation Free. Germany
Cousins, Dave 1945 Guitarist, singer and composer of Strawbs. United Kingdom
Argent, Rod 1945 Keyboardist and composer of the Zombies and Argent. United Kingdom
Calvert, Robert 1945 Best known for his role in Hawkwind, the mercurial Robert Newton Calvert also recorded a pair of solo albums in the mid 70s with producer Brian Eno. Upon his departure in 1979 and up until his death in 1988, his work... United Kingdom
Hensley, Ken 1945 Keyboardist, guitarist, and songwriter of Uriah Heep. United Kingdom
Akkerman, Jan 1946 Focus guitarist, won many accolades in Britain during the early 70s. Netherlands
Barrett, Syd 1946 Roger Keith Barrett, founding member and primary songwriter of the early Pink Floyd, was a pioneer in the London Underground and perhaps the ultimate psychedelic hipster. Following his release from Pink Floyd in 1968,... United Kingdom